We are a registered
charitable foundation

100% volunteer-run

Our mission is to address the issue of animal overpopulation. We achieve our mission by funding the spay/neuter programs of animal rescue groups.

“As a public education volunteer, I encourage people to take responsibility to spay and neuter their pets. If each one of us understood the implications of not having our animals fixed, that thousands of animals are being killed every day simply because there are not enough homes for them all, I am sure people would be lining up to have their pets fixed. If only people knew, who would argue that spaying and neutering is the only humane thing to do?”

Mary, Member of Animal Aid Foundation Board of Directors

The Issue

Each year thousands of young, healthy cats and dogs are sitting in shelters waiting to be adopted. Many of them will be killed simply because there are not enough homes for them all.

Who We Are

Animal Aid Foundation is a public foundation registered with the Government of Canada. The Foundation was established to address the crisis of animal overpopulation that has resulted from animals that have been left un-spayed and un-neutered and that have been reproducing year after year. The Foundation is 100% volunteer run. It does not have paid staff and does not receive government funding. The Foundation relies on volunteer contributions, public donations, and corporate support.

What We Do

Animal Aid raises money.

Animal Aid accepts monetary donations and bequests (a donation made in your Will) from the public and also does its own fundraising.

Animal Aid grants money.

The Foundation provides local animal rescue groups with funding for spay/neuter veterinary medical procedures.

Animal Aid ensures that your donation is used in an effective and efficient manner.

You work hard for your money, and so do we. Our priority is to ensure that your dollars and ours are spent effectively and efficiently. The Foundation focuses its funding on spay/neuter programs and projects that deliver high impact, that are in urgent need of funding from a priority basis and that have a high potential for success. Our policy is to seek out organizations with a well-defined sense of purpose, demonstrated commitment to making the best use of available resources and a reputation for accomplishing their objectives.